Would you take a day off to read a book?

by | Jan 18, 2019

You’ve been recommended a book.

“A game changer you’re told” by someone you respect and trust. A person who understands your deeper interests, such that you buy or download the book.

Yet the book remains unread.

You are confident that the investment in the reading process will have a justifiable return, benefitting not only you but your organisation, perhaps your family, or maybe your health and well-being.

That book is now sitting under a pile of similarly unread books, or hidden deep in your kindle.


When I ask this question, I see senior people adopt a look approximating shame, as though they are somehow duping the organisation. Those same people will justify time-out to attend any number of personal development experiences…but the thought of taking time out to read a book, even one with five-star recommendations, somehow seems a step too far.

None of this makes sense. In my view, we should be encouraging leaders to dust off the piles of unread books and all of their untapped potential…one book and one day at a time.

Simply, leaders must drive their own learning. No one is going to do it for them.

What book would you recommend for someone to take a ‘day-off’ to read?

This is my first recommendation….

Legacy – James Kerr

It was a game changer for me, and hopefully for you as well.

Cameron Schwab
CEO & Founder


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