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"I would highly recommend designCEO to any CEO whether for the first time or later in a CEO career. It's an inspiring learning immersion with so many practical tools to apply and affirming experiences of others to learn from and apply. The best 3 day workshop I have ever been to as a CEO."


Dawn O’Neill AM

CEO – Beyond Blue and Lifeline

What business can learn from elite sport
Business often turns to the football codes when seeking to understand the key concepts of team, particularly, the role of leadership in terms of establishing a winning culture and executing a game plan.
While this analysis provides some important lessons, the learnings go far deeper.

Success in elite team sport cannot be achieved without an uncompromising attitude towards the recruitment and retention of talent, and of course integrated and sophisticated coaching (teaching) at an individual and team level.

These differences are articulated in the following model “What business can learn from football”, and forms a key component of the Design CEO and Design Leader workshops.


Built around the core principles of teaching mastery, the Design CEO programs seek to mirror the teaching expectations of elite sport by focusing on:

1. Cultivating human connection through high-intensity cohort learning. For leaders, with leaders and developed by leaders with a strong emphasis on peer connection and personal growth.

2. Designing productive struggle, but with the belief that you can, and will make progress. It will be ‘hard fun’.

3. Enabling deliberate practice, with highly structured and relevant activities with the specific goal of improving leadership performance.

The list manager
The score takes care of itself

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"The content challenged me to assess my own performance in work and life. Cam's expertise and wisdom could help fast track any future leader to be a better leader."

Tish Millard – Accounting Confidential
“Enabling Courageous, Confident and Creative CEOs”
An intensive and immersive workshop experience exclusively for CEOs. It provides a 6-step process with clear frameworks and models that provide the insight and architecture for CEOs to create, motivate, implement and embed what I define as ‘Performance Trust’.

My most significant CEO learning was the importance of trust in terms of organisational performance. It ties together purpose, culture, strategy and leadership, particularly the need to honour the people who have aligned their careers with your organisation.

‘Design CEO’ is a program for CEOs, built by CEOs – people who understand the deep sense of responsibility that comes with the role, but also the pressure, constraints and complexity that so often diminishes confidence, reduces courage and stifles creativity.

The workshop is also a deep personal learning experience, ensuring that CEOs have a means to lead with authenticity, the key to establishing high levels of personal trust.

I sincerely believe this program is a game changer for CEOs. It is an immersive experience built around an intensive 3-day workshop with learnings that are immediately applicable.

CEOs will have the tool-kit required to achieve high levels of trust – personally, culturally, strategically and organisationally – as the basis of high performance. They will be able to walk back into their office on Monday morning with a clear understanding of “what next”, highly motivated and confident, with the capabilities to match their ambitions.

Performance Trust


“Absolutely experienced a shift in my thinking, and indeed the team experienced the same. The models and frameworks are definitely something we will adopt in our business.”

Dan Rake – General Manager – Freedom Finance Australia
As a leader, you are both the observer and the observed. At a minimum, you will be required to set performance standards and model these expectations, culturally, strategically and personally. You must also drive your own learning, no one is going to do it for you.

I had the good fortune to study with Bill George at the Harvard Business School. Bill is famous for bringing to life the concept of “Authentic Leadership”. It had a profound effect.

I have spent the last few years taking this from concept to capability. The goal is to help leaders become ‘fully self-expressed’, leading in a way that is true to their purpose and values, without compromise.

I learned many years ago that leaders need to drive their own learning.

With this in mind, this is a program for people with a learner mindset, prepared to challenge themselves. It is suitable for people currently leading or those genuinely committed to future leadership. It is particularly suitable for C-Suite executives with CEO ambitions, as well as coaches who are coaching their own teams, or who are on this pathway.

Again, it is an immersive experience built around an intensive 2-day workshop with learnings that are immediately applicable.

While focused on individual leadership development, the program also focuses on the role of the leader as it relates to decision making, in particular, culture and strategy.



"It made me reflect on my own performance, impact on people and culture, ability to remain present and alive to teaching opportunities."

Richard Lindell – CEO – International CEO Forum
Working with CEOs, Senior Coaches and emerging leaders who are committed to their personal learning.
“I thought it fitting that not only were you the one person whom has contributed greatly to my personal development but you top the list at #1 with a bullet.”.

This can involve specific leadership development, identifying possible disconnects, establishing clarity, and developing strategies and tactics to modify approach where appropriate to optimise performance.

This includes leaders managing complex issues, including providing support and guidance to develop and maintain confidence and belief through short-term personal or organisational challenges.

For example, mentoring CEOs in quickly growing organisations, including Founder CEOs in start-ups, or first-time leaders, to build leadership capability, including cultural, strategic and management frameworks, to match organisational ambition.

Whilst tailored to the specific needs of the individual, the coaching and mentoring is a structured process based on the coaching effectiveness model developed by the Columbia Business School for which I am certified, in combination with Emotional Intelligence profiling utilising the RocheMartin assessment tool called The Emotional Capital Report (ECR™).

The three Marriages


“I found this supported me in being able to critically reflect myself. I walked away with feelings of hope and excitement as to what the future holds for me in relation to strategy and forward planning for my business.”

Daniela Kavoukas – Flemington Childcare Co-operative
“From a strategic perspective, I can see my business flourishing as I use the frameworks you have suggested.”.
Intensive and tailored strategy workshops that will produce a compelling strategic framework for your organisation, ready to execute and implement.
The goal…”Strategic Trust”.

We support the development of a realistic, succinct and compelling understanding of future success and performance ambitions based on relevant and insightful analytics and learning to guide strategic decision making.

It will focus on understanding and articulating your core value proposition, at all times aligning to a preferred customer segment. You will have an understanding of the activities that you need to excel in order to win as well as the competencies and capabilities required, and why they are important in terms of performance.

At the completion of this process, you will have agreed actions with specified outcomes – committed and practical statements articulating what you intend to do as well as articulating expectations and delegating responsibilities.



“Cam’s presentation was inspiring and his ability to combine his personal story with an outstanding content delivery left us all with a wealth of knowledge and perspective . The presentation set the benchmark for the rest of the conference and left us all in a much better place.”

Mick Dunne – iDetect Group

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