When your eyes are tired, the world looks tired also

by | Jan 18, 2019

“When your eyes are tired, the world looks tired also.” – David Whyte

This was a self-portrait I drew to reflect the ‘tired eyes’ syndrome of being a leader, in this case a CEO. 

When your eyes are tired, you stop seeing possibilities. You lose confidence, in yourself and your people. Perhaps most significantly, you lose your nerve, don’t show the courage (and clear-headedness) required to face up to the ambiguity and complexity of your leadership role, thereby putting yourself and your organisation in danger of defaulting to the path of least resistance. 

When I feel this way as a leader, I try to focus on what gives me energy. I know that simply trying to ‘will’ my way through will never be the answer. 

We are energised by the parts of the role we genuinely enjoy and do well, and often they were the attributes that got us the job in the first place. 

Give yourself permission to spend time back in this place. 

The inbox can wait. 

Leverage your capabilities, rebuild your confidence, and remind yourself of why you love what you do.

Cameron Schwab
CEO & Founder


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