Leadership is about the example you set, and the culture you create.

The designCEO leadership offering is for leaders, teams and organisations seeking to build high levels of cultural, strategic and personal trust as the basis for sustained high-performance.  

In our experience the best leaders are not the most talented or gifted, they have established outstanding leadership and performance habits.

They have turned self responsibility into a daily practice, performance habits that compound over time to establish their personal leadership mastery.

At designCEO, we teach a system that is focused on high-performance leadership habits to enable leaders to establish their daily practice of leadership excellence.

We teach and embed four main leadership habits, to create the behaviours and culture to achieve high performance outcomes.

The system is known as “Performance Trust”, recognising the need for alignment of purpose and performance to achieve leadership goals and objectives.

The overarching objective is to be ‘Good at Trust’ as the basis of high performance.

Above all else, we are seeking to build powerful leadership habits, small changes done regularly, all aligned to a high-performance leadership mindset. 

The goal is personal leadership mastery, which requires breaking down the elements and finding a system that works for the leaders and their teams.


The designCEO methodology builds on contemporary and sophisticated coaching and learning models and systems that focus on self-responsibility to maximise individual and group performance in team-focused environments.


"I would highly recommend designCEO to any CEO whether for the first time or later in a CEO career. It's an inspiring learning immersion with so many practical tools to apply and affirming experiences of others to learn from and apply. The best 3 day workshop I have ever been to as a CEO."

Dawn O’Neill AM

CEO – Beyond Blue and Lifeline

Who is it for?

DesignCEO is committed to coaching and entrenching a mindset of self-responsibility, whereby individuals take charge of their development in the context of the leadership and performance expectations of their role.

With this in mind, our work has been developed specifically for leaders, teams and organisations:

  • Seeking a team-based approach to organisational performance, particularly as it relates to senior management, executive leadership teams and boards.
  • New teams forming, or established teams looking for a lift in momentum, motivation and performance.
    Navigating change, complexity and ambiguity, and believe courageous, purposeful and confident leadership drives progress and achieves strategic outcomes.
  • Committed to developing leaders with the capacity to inspire and institutionalise trust and are prepared to embrace expectations and personally model performance standards.
  • Not comfortable with the status quo, and willing to challenge assumptions, disrupt default thinking by asking better and more compelling questions, and introduce original ways of thinking in relation to developing leaders.
  • Ready to fast-track emerging leaders for greater responsibility.
  • Provide leaders with the opportunity to create their leadership style, leveraging their unique characteristics and skills as a means of building personal leadership authenticity, belief and resilience.
    Ensure accountability for team-based outcomes.
Performance Trust


“Cameron’s leadership workshop was one of the best I’ve been to. Practical and clear frameworks for leadership, with authentic and powerful delivery. Cameron’s experience as a leader in an elite sporting environment provides a unique perspective to leadership that I wish was taught more broadly. And a masterful storyteller!”

Lisa Jacobs

Executive Manager Legal-REA Group

Be leadership

High performance ambitions require high performance habits

Behaviours are the product of personal and organisational habits, good and bad, compounding over time. For organisations with high-performance ambitions, or seeking turnaround, it will be the aggregation of marginal gains that will be the key to transformation. It is a  longer game, perhaps a little less glamorous than some of the folklore stories of business and sport.

All of our work at designCEO builds on the core philosophy that people, teams and organisations do not rise to the level of their ambition, they fall to the standard of their systems.

And what is the most critical system?

It is your talent system, the right people in the right roles, starting with your leaders.

It’s for this reason the designCEO facilitated programs and mentoring utilise performance frameworks and methodologies heavily influenced by elite sport, ensuring commitment and accountability to a team-based ethos. We teach a system that develops leadership, on the basis that leaders beget leaders.

People who…

  • Are committed learners. Take responsibility for their personal development in the context of the team/organisation.
  • Consistently set high expectations of themselves and behave to those expectations. They do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
  • Have high functional capability. Know their role, play their role, as leaders and technicians.
  • Understand that it not just what they bring to the team, it is what they are prepared to do for the team that counts.

Having achieved this, they embrace the notion of leader as teacher, understanding their influence, honouring their leadership role by coaching and mentoring self-responsibility. A winning organisation is an environment of personal and professional development, in which each individual takes responsibility and shares ownership.

Better people make better leaders and leaders create leaders.

The three marriages


"Cam's designCEO workshop was one of the best things I've been involved in professionally for the past couple of years. His enthusiasm and passion for thinking outside of the square is contagious. I walked away with an altered perception of many aspects of my business. Tips on how to tackle day-to-day challenges were great, but it was the methods of thinking differently that I will carry forward and will have the most effect."

Jesse Leeworthy

Director & Co-founder memobottle

Mentoring & Coaching

We design mentoring and coaching programs for individuals and organisations based on the following three approaches:

  • Performance Coaching – Leaders highly committed to their personal development, or seeking support managing complex and challenging phases that may require specific strategies or modifications to their leadership approach for effective performance.  
  • Next-Step Coaching – Working with future focused organisations and individuals to proactively accelerate leadership development for high-potential talent.
  • Integration Coaching – Assisting leaders to quickly assimilate and make a positive leadership impact in their new position or organisation.

The designCEO coaching and mentoring is a structured process based on the evidence based coaching effectiveness model developed by the Columbia Business School (New York) from which I have received coaching certification.

When discussing the competencies of successful leaders, the conversation soon focuses on:

  • The need to foster and develop high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Leaders operating in accordance with their strengths, their Natural Gifts.

Our belief is that increasing leadership effectiveness is a continuous process of action, reflection on action and then new and more effective action based on feedback.

I didn’t know what I did know



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