”He’s sired a thoroughbred…”

by | Jan 9, 2019

Because my father Alan and I both worked in footy, the only Richmond game I got to watch with dad was Matthew Richardson’s first game in 1993. Matthew’s dad Alan ‘Bull’ Richardson played at Richmond when dad was secretary, and was a Tiger Premiership player, so dad had a keen interest in his young son who had already created a lot of hype and excitement.‬

‪He didn’t have to wait long, as early in the game Richo kicked a running bouncing goal from the boundary in front of the members stand at the MCG. Dad turned to me and said, “His old man, the Mighty Bull was a terrific player, but he was a draught horse. I think he may have sired a thoroughbred”.‬

My father died a few weeks later. 

During the tough Tiger times, it was Matthew Richardson who gave the Tiger supporters a reason to come to the footy. He was a hero to a generation of Tiger supporters. 

This is my drawing of Matthew, with his father Alan silhouetted in the background, marking in typically spectacular fashion against the old enemy Collingwood in front of the Tiger faithful.

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