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The chase

by | Jul 28, 2020

Anyone who knows their footy understands the value of the chase.

The effort to run-down an opponent often seems futile when watching from the grandstand, even more so in the tight framing of our TV screens where the chaser may not even be in the same picture as the chasee.

In fact, a run-down tackle is rare.

Yet, still they chase.

It is because the run-down tackle is not the measure.

The chase is about pressure on the ball carrier, who may not execute as well as they otherwise would. A small, almost non-discernible skill error that allows the chaser’s teammate to impact on the next contest when his opponent has to slow to receive a ball they would have marked meters in the clear. Or the ball carrier might be forced a few metres wider, slowed, allowing the chaser’s teammate to fill a space and intercept, and now defence is attack.

The chase is often the difference.

While not noticed in the grandstand, it is applauded in the coaches box and recognised in the forum that counts most, the game review meetings the next day.

In these forums, with only your coaches and teammates in attendance, you are judged not by what you bring to the team, but what you are prepared to give to the team.

Chasing is giving.

So what are you chasing?

What is your pursuit?

Leadership is a pursuit.

Pursuit of ‘what happened?’ What did I/we learn and how do I share my/our learnings? Set up your own game review meeting.

Pursuit of ‘what now?‘. What is the best of you, in this moment?

Pursuit of ‘what next?’. Where are you going with this?

It is the pursuit of belief, knowledge, hope, grace, calm, performance, humility, bravery…of what needs to change to ‘be’ these things, rather than just ‘do’ them, often unsighted and unrewarded.

Pursuit of something bigger than you.

Pursuit of purpose.

I always enjoy the opportunity to talk all things culture and high-performance, and the development of leaders to achieve it.

Here are three ways to start the ball rolling:

  • I teach and coach an integrated leadership performance system utilising sophisticated learning models and systems garnered from elite team sport, ideal for leaders who are committed learners, who understand the responsibility of leadership. To learn more, please arrange your FOC 30-minute leadership telephone consult to discuss your personal, team or organisational challenges or aspirations, please use this link.
  • Participate in our next one-day Leadership Masterclass which I personally facilitate. It is a sophisticated, intimate and practical leadership intensive for aspirational leaders, both current and emerging. To learn more, and to register, please use this link.
  • Sign up for the “More to the Game” weekly email, and receive a copy of my “What business can learn from football” White Paper. The emails are short leadership reflections, no more than a couple of minutes to read and we will always treat our communication with respect. Please use this link.

You can also contact me at and let me know how you think we can work together.

Cameron Schwab
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