“The score takes care of itself”

A simple formula…as Bill Walsh author of the fabulous book “The score takes care itself”, get the plan right, find the people.

I’ve had the good fortune of being invited onto a number of podcasts in recent times, with the links below.

It is important to seek out conversations with leaders who happy to share their lived experiences, and I have been so fortunate in this regard.

Podcasts are a version of these conversations.

While the common theme is football, I am more than comfortable in going deep in relation to important discussions for leaders, be it parenting, how we learn, mental health, finding purpose, and dealing with setbacks.

Each podcast offers something very different.



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Episode 237:

“Learning to dig deep and find something as a leader – understanding the leadership gaps in your life.

Podcast Notes:

Cameron Schwab became the youngest CEO ever in the Australian Football League when he joined Richmond in 1988.

He spent 25 years of his career as a CEO of three different clubs, and there was one thing in common across the board: the clubs were all at their lowest ebb, uncompetitive on the field, and facing massive financial challenges.

He now takes his deep experience in leadership in sport and business to mentoring CEOs and senior leaders to build high levels of cultural and strategic direction.


Episode 135:

Cameron Schwab, 25 year CEO of AFL Clubs on leading in high stakes environments, hard decisions and creating high-performance systems

Podcast Notes:

Having taken on some of the sport’s most difficult and daunting challenges, Cameron established a track record of building teams and organisations, unifying groups while navigating periods of genuine adversity and complexity. 

In this episode we talk about: 

– The question you need to ask yourself to see if you’re ready for a promotion. 

– The lessons he learned from the hardest decisions you can make – firing a close personal friend.

– How to implement systems that drive performance

– What we can learn from sport and what isn’t so transferrable. 

– What we can all learn from fine art about life and work.

Episode 94:

Leadership 101

Podcast Notes:

In this episode of The You Project, Cameron Schwab (former Richmond, Fremantle and Melbourne Football Club CEO) returns and he and Craig explore the fundamentals of communication, connection, emotional intelligence and effective leadership in business, sport, parenting and life.

Episode 49:

Office Boy to Richmond F.C. CEO in Six Years

Podcast Notes:

At 18, Cameron Schwab was an office boy at Melbourne Football Club and six years later (at 24), he was the CEO of one of Australia’s most famous sporting teams; the Richmond Football Club.

Cameron’s amazing journey saw him at the helm of three AFL clubs (Richmond, Melbourne and Fremantle) for a total of 25 years and in this enthralling conversation, he and Craig explore everything from leadership, experiential learning, emotional intelligence, identity and winning, to purpose, self-management, happiness and the importance of family.

Episode 49:

“Richmond: Tigers and Tragedy”

Podcast Notes:

In 1993 the proud Richmond Football Club was at its lowest ebb. A tenth straight year of mediocrity hit Tigerland that year.

Cameron Schwab was at the helm, just 29 years of age but already a veteran in the job of General Manager – financial crisis and merger talk had been a way of life around the club for a number of years.  

Amongst the struggle of breaking the Tigers woeful form cycle, 1993 saw Cameron deal with the saddest time of his life, the death of his father Alan, the number 2 man at AFL HQ – a tragic story that was to cast a giant shadow over the AFL season.

But there was light too, a Fosters Cup Grand Final , the appointment of John Northey as coach and the arrival of a young kid from Devonport meant the Tigers would never be this bad again.


Episode 28:

Finding Somethings

Podcast Notes:

Cameron’s expertise centres on performance turnaround through strategic renewal, innovation and commercial enhancement by building organisational capability and creating clarity of focus.

He is a positive and creative thinker and communicator with highly developed strategic skills, and a track record of unifying organisations whilst navigating periods of genuine adversity and change.

Episode 26:

In this week’s episode, Brendan sits down with Cameron Schwab.

Podcast Notes:

Cameron was an AFL CEO for over 25 years and was the youngest ever CEO in the modern game at just 24 years old when he took over the helm at Richmond!

The episode was jam-packed full of content I had to keep most of it in so we are split across 2 episodes here!


Episode 27:

In this week’s episode, Brendan sits down with Cameron Schwab.

Podcast Notes:

Part 2 of the incredible interview with the legend himself Cameron Schwab!

So many unreal lessons from this episode hope you love it as much as I do!


Episode 06:

Cameron Schwab, CEO, Mentor, Speaker & Artist

Podcast Notes:

In this interview we discuss a range of leadership insights and tools, such as the importance of acknowledging and owning your own emotions as a leader, and knowing when is – and isn’t – a good time to make decisions based on your emotions.

Cameron also contrasts the deliberate practice of skills across elite sport, the military, and business, and how business has a lot to learn from elite sport.



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