As a result of COVID, we are in the process of reconfiguring our Leadership Masterclasses into a virtual format.

Shouldn’t be long!


Learnings from a fully-lived leadership experience

Built on my leadership mantra:

“Never forget how hard it is!”

This is a sophisticated, intimate and practical one-day intensive Leadership Masterclass for aspirational leaders, both current and emerging, facilitated by Cameron Schwab, CEO and Founder of designCEO.

An example of the conversations we will be having
Video: Complexity and Contradiction of High Performance

“What leaders and emerging leaders can really learn from high-performance team sport.”

The designCEO offering builds on the core philosophy that people, teams and organisations do not rise to the level of their goals, they fall to the standard of their systems.

The Leadership Masterclass is a shared experience, building on the empathy and understanding of fellow leaders. For this reason, we restrict the attendance to twelve leaders as we believe this number works best in terms of establishing connection.

We encourage teams from one organisation to attend, up to approximately five. They benefit strongly from the shared leadership experience. 

Cameron Schwab's Profile
Cameron is a CEO, leadership coach and strategist.

Cameron works with CEOs and emerging leaders to achieve high levels of trust – personally, culturally, strategically and organisationally – as the basis of high performance.

After cutting his teeth as a recruiter at the Melbourne Football Club when the Demons made the finals for the first time in 23 years, Cameron was appointed CEO of the famous Richmond Football Club at age 24, the youngest in the history of the game.

For most of the next 25 years, he was CEO of Richmond, Melbourne and Fremantle, when those clubs were at their lowest ebb, both on and off the field.

He is the second longest serving CEO in the modern game. Having taken on some of the sport’s most difficult and daunting challenges, Cameron established a track record of building teams and organisations, unifying groups while navigating periods of genuine adversity and complexity. He is a legacy-focused leader who has bounced back from setbacks, taking on the sport’s most challenging leadership roles.

Cameron holds an MBA and Master of Marketing from the Melbourne Business School. He has also completed the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at the Harvard Business School and is a Vincent Fairfax Fellow of the Centre of Ethical Leadership at University of Melbourne. He received his Coaching Certification from the Columbia Business School in New York.

His articles on sport and leadership have been published in The Age newspaper.

Cameron is also an artist and illustrator, studying Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).

“Leaders will have the tool-kit required to walk back into their workplace the next morning with a clear understanding of “what next”, highly motivated and confident, with the capabilities to match their ambitions.”

The designCEO performance system and methodologies are heavily influenced by elite sport, focused on maximising personal development and ensuring commitment and accountability to a team-based ethos.

The designCEO methodology builds on contemporary and sophisticated coaching and learning models and systems to maximise individual and group performance in team-focused environments.

It focuses on delivering unique, advanced, yet deliverable strategy and culture concepts and frameworks from the uncompromising world of professional sport in combination with leading-edge academic concepts from the Harvard and Melbourne Business Schools, that will be relatable and executable to your organisation and teams.

2020 Masterclass Dates

Dates to be confirmed when virtual format is confirmed.


Work Club
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Cost includes all designCEO learning materials. You will not have to bring anything other than a learner mindset.

You will be welcomed with a barista coffee, and we will be providing wholesome, delicious and ethically sourced food courtesy from our friends from Laneway Greens.

We also look forward to sharing a glass of wine, craft beer or mineral water afterwards.


NO EXCUSES… my team was given 20+ years of high-performance expertise and training from high-pressure people organisations into 24 hours with all the language, tools and frameworks to take our company to the next level.

It’s up to us now to own the outcome.

Dion Castle – CEO | STRUBER

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