Find a creative space

by | Jan 8, 2019

Welcome to 2019 and all that it promises.

Each day I write down five personal reminders, one of which is simply…

“Find a creative space.”

Generally, this is drawing or writing, with a little bit of guitar thrown in.

This montage is a few drawings from the past 12 months, all on an iPad. I enjoy the accessibility of the iPad and sometimes a drawing started on a whim creates enough motivation to see the process through, go deeper and the many benefits that flow from it.

‘Going deep’ is fundamental to the notion of ‘progressive wisdom’. It requires contemplation and self-reflection, some personal kindness and self-compassion, but it also doesn’t come for free and doesn’t happen automatically.

It is a capability that needs to be curated and crafted.

As you prepare for 2019, a simple question…

“What is your creative space?”

Cameron Schwab
CEO & Founder


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