Borrowing freely, combining uniquely

by | Oct 2, 2020

The thoughts I’ve recorded here have all been inspired by the wise people I’ve met, books I’ve read, podcasts I’ve listened to, people I’m coaching and the insight they have given me. I thank them all of them for going deep to find their wisdom.

My goal is to match their generosity by sharing some brief ideas, quotes, as well as a recommendation each Friday for you to ponder, inspired by writer James Clear and his 3–2-1 offering.

The concepts are taken from years of daily journalling and in the moment note-taking in my Moleskine journal.


Borrow freely, combine uniquely, and pause long enough to ask yourself…

“Can I teach it?”

By following this process, not only are you turning knowledge into wisdom, you are honouring your role as a leader.

Leader as teacher.

I love the simple learning/teaching mantra of “building the child for the path, not the path for the child”.

This short video of a life-changing conversation I had with coaching legend Ron Barassi when I was starting out titled “What makes the great players great?” is an example.

Vimeo Link


“A true vocation calls us beyond ourselves; breaks our heart in the process and then humbles, simplifies and enlightens us about the hidden, core nature of the work that entices us the first place.”

David Whyte

From his book ‘Consolations’ speaking about Ambition


The Flying Coach Podcast with coaches Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors) and Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks)

Two very experienced championship winning coaches at the top of their game sharing their understandings and insight. The podcast was generously put together by the two guys in response to the COVID.

On this episode, they have Brene Brown as a guest, who has done work with Pete Carroll at the Seahawks. With Brene in attendance, vulnerability is going to be the focus of attention, which coincided with the NFL Draft, where they discuss recruiting in high-performance environments.

A few lines I noted in my journal from the conversation between three sages:

  • “We only draft players we want to coach.”
  • “When you compete, you are vulnerable. You are putting it on the line.”
  • “Own your mistakes with meaning. It is a sign of strength.”
  • “You cannot have courage without vulnerability.”
  • “You do not get skilled without vulnerability.”
  • There are many more. Well worth a listen but keep the notebook handy.

Apple Podcast Link

…and a timeless song lyric:

David Essex – Rock On

Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen

Prettiest girl I ever seen

See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean

(James Dean)

I remember seeing David Essex on Countdown when I was a kid and hoping one day to have hair like him. Didn’t happen. Still love this tune.



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