Would you take a day off to read a book?

“A game changer you’re told” by someone you respect and trust. A person who understands your deeper interests, such that you buy or download the book.

Yet the book remains unread.

In the back. You’re joking.

The photo also hung proudly in the Committee Room of the Punt Road Oval, the inner sanctum of the Richmond Football Club, together with the most important club symbols and memorabilia, almost in defiance of the umpire’s decision on the day.

Feeling better is easy. Getting better is hard.

The notion of ‘better’ is as daunting as it is motivating. It sits at the core of our decision making, both in the moment, or our ambition and goals as it relates to an unknown and unknowable future.

”He’s sired a thoroughbred…”

During the tough Tiger times, it was Matthew Richardson who gave the Tiger supporters a reason to come to the footy. He was a hero to a generation of Tiger supporters.

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