The score takes care of itself

All of our work at designCEO builds on the core philosophy that people, teams and organisations do not rise to the level of their ambition, they fall to the standard of their systems.

What crap are you putting up with?

So ask yourself, are you matching the values you talk to, with the standards you model, and are you prepared to call people out for behaviours outside of these expectations, regardless of who they are, be it status or ‘technical’ performance?

What business can learn from football

I use the metaphor, stories and decision making frameworks from high-performance team sport, specifically AFL, as a means of teaching and coaching leaders and their teams. I feel confident to do so because it is my background – my 30 year lived experience. I do...

If you were to recruit a person based on one characteristic, what would it be?

In my experience, while the best players do have a physical talent that allows them to play at the level of competition, this is merely their ticket to the game. What makes them special is their capacity to take responsibility for their careers, and the critical personal attribute they all possess is their commitment to learning and improving, and a work rate to back it up.

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