My father Alan Schwab when he was Secretary (CEO) of the Richmond Football Club.

A tear to my eye

by | Aug 11, 2020

This footage brought a tear to my eye.

Not sure if the tears were pride or sadness. Probably doesn’t matter.

It is my father Alan Schwab speaking at the launch of “Tigerland”, the Richmond Football Club History Book.

I’d recently appointed as General Manager (CEO) of Richmond, the role he’d held a decade earlier during the club’s great era. He then went on to become Executive Commissioner of the AFL.

Dad died four years later.

Thanks to Rhett Bartlett, the Tiger Historian, for rediscovering this footage. It means a lot. Check our Rhett’s twitter and YouTube for some more priceless gems.

I always enjoy the opportunity to talk all things culture and high-performance, and the development of leaders to achieve it.

Here are a few of ways to start the ball rolling:

  • I like to share the ‘bruises’ of my lived leadership experiences as a 25 year CEO in the AFL with leaders as part of our Learning Leadership event for senior leaders. We have run this event for the past few years, and the feedback has been excellent. We have now transitioned the event online. There is no cost as we recognise that time allocated to learning is perhaps our most precious resource, and therefore we have also provided a number of dates from which to choose, please use this link.
  • Sign up for the “More to the Game” weekly email, and receive a copy of my “What business can learn from football” White Paper. The emails are short leadership reflections, no more than a couple of minutes to read and we will always treat our communication with respect. Please use this link.
  • Download my book “More to the Game”. In this publication, I have combined my writings and drawings with the beautiful imagery of Michael Willson, the premier AFL photographer. It is free to download (no sign-ups) at “More to the Game – What leaders can learn from football” 

You can also contact me at and let me know how you think we can work together.

Cameron Schwab
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